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MTU Khabar is a leading educational portal for Mahamaya technical university. This huge educational site is maintained by it’s editors.  Below is the editorial panel of MTU Khabar.   Each of the editor has different role in the site. You can contact any editor of the site through their contact e mail.

[table caption="Admin Panel (Team- MTU Khabar)"]

no[attr style="width:20px"],Editors,Site Coordinators, Webmaster
1,Abhishek Kalra,Harshita Singh,Ankit Sharma
2,Anmol Chopra,Swanti Vashishtha
3,Deepak Kumar,Ravi Garg,
4,Suchita Kashyap

5,Ummeed Sinha
6,Harshit Parashar
7,Yatharth Singh Sisodia

8,Shivangi Singh

If you need to contact any editor, site coordinator, or webmaster, just use this format to mail them : FirstNameofAdmin@mtukhabar.in
For eg: If you want to contact Ankit Sharma, then you need to type according to above format as : ankit@mtukhabar.in
Do you also want to be part of our team ?  If yes, then mail us your resume at  mtukhabar@gmail.com

Thanks and Regards,
Team- (MTU Khabar)

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