This is the disclaimer notice of MTU Khabar. We (Team MTU Khabar) firmly states here that We are not in connection with MTU (Mahamaya Technical University) in any way.  MTU Khabar is just a open source web portal on MTU (Mahamaya Technical University), which is just meant to help students in one or the other way. This help could be in various forms :

  • Answering general questions asked by students. These answers are made by editors of MTU Khabar and editors try their best to answer everything aptly. However we are not responsible for the damage caused due to any information provided in this site. For better information, you can search official website of MTU (www.mtu.ac.in)
  • We try to provide previous year question papers, so that students may get some benefit. Our aim to provide previous year papers is to give students some idea about the format and level of Examination. Since this is a opensource portal, so we donot have anything of our own. All question papers provided in this site are contributed by one or other member of MTU Khabar.
  • Tips and Tricks on examination. We have appointed some good students and faculties from various colleges of MTU to provide some awesome guidelines on examination to helpout students during exam time.
  • Notes. This is the special section of our website. We try to provide here notes on different subjects. Offcouse these notes are also the contribution of faculty members and student members of MTU Khabar.

This was our disclaimer notice from Team MTU Khabar. If you have any question in your mind related to the working of MTU Khabar. Do mail us at mtukhabar@gmail.com or ankit@mtukhabar.in

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